Mylan is a global healthcare company focused on making high quality medicines available to everyone who needs them. We offer a robust portfolio of more than 7,500 products, including biosimilars, generics, brand and over-the-counter remedies.

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We’re also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). APIs are the part of pharmaceuticals that produce the medication’s intended effect.

Mylan markets products in more than 165 countries and territories. Our customers include consumers, retail and pharmacy establishments, wholesalers, governments, institutions and physicians.

Ensuring Quality and Safety are Our Highest Priorities

We know that what we do directly impacts the health and well-being of patients. As a result, protecting patients and consumer health by ensuring the quality and safety of our products is at the heart of how we operate across our network. From product development to making or sourcing raw materials to producing finished dosage forms, every step of our development, manufacturing and monitoring processes is grounded in this commitment. 

We employ a team of highly-trained scientists and technical professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry to develop each product formulation and to identify the specific processes and technologies used to manufacture our products. All our applications are subject to a robust regulatory review before a product can be brought to market. We monitor the performance of our products after approval and identify and implement any changes necessary to ensure quality. Significant changes also are subject to review by regulatory agencies.

Therapeutic Franchises 

Over the past few years, Mylan has focused its product portfolio in 10 major therapeutic areas (see below). We have critical mass in these areas, though our sales emphasis varies by market according to opportunity. This categorization of therapeutic franchises also helps us better focus on patient needs by providing prescription generics, branded generics, brand-name drugs and OTC remedies where they are needed most. This structure helps us look at healthcare holistically, and it challenges us to provide access throughout the course of patient lives.