Forging Partnerships

At a Glance

Working Together to Address Patient Needs

We work with tens of thousands of customers to make our products available to patients. Customers’ needs and expectations differ by market, depending on factors such as healthcare infrastructure, delivery systems, regulations, economic development and population. We strive to meet the needs of our customers regardless of the market type and aim to be their preferred partner.

Enhancing Supplier Relationships

We’re continuing to build out our Supplier Relationship Management program, focusing on preferred suppliers, to enhance long-term strategic partnerships. Looking forward, we also plan to enhance our list of preferred suppliers by segmenting and consolidating our supply base, further reducing risk.

Mylan relies on its suppliers to deliver high quality, affordable and accessible products to our customers and ultimately to patients. We expect our suppliers to act in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and Mylan's Supplier Code of Conduct which provides guidance for doing business with Mylan.

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

Our proactive risk mitigation program works to protect our supply chain by strengthening supply agreements with current suppliers and qualifying alternate suppliers. We monitor performance through reporting, trend analysis and consistent business review meetings. Sourcing teams routinely meet with suppliers to review the performance of supply and create action plans to address identified risks.

Our source selection process is governed by a Source Review Committee (SRC), comprised of a cross-functional internal team from science, legal and sourcing.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Supplier Code of Conduct

Mylan’s Supplier Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to the U.N. Global Compact and applicable international conventions. It establishes expectations in areas such as the following: Freely Chosen Employment, Child Labor and Young Workers, Freedom of Association, Wages, Benefits and Working Hours, Anti-Corruption and Business Integrity, Fair Competition, Conflicts of Interest, Conflict Minerals, Environmental Authorizations, Business Continuity, Legal Requirements, Commitment and Accountability and Compliance Assessments.

The Code communicates our expectation that suppliers apply comparable standards throughout their supply chain. It is available on and is part of Mylan's terms and conditions for purchase orders. All suppliers bidding for new business must accept Mylan's terms and conditions.

Sustainable Sourcing

Mylan’s internal Council for Sustainable Sourcing oversees our practices and provides guidance on sustainable sourcing; sets annual goals and objectives; and develops, implements and monitors compliance with sustainable sourcing practices and metrics.

Ensuring Good Partner Conduct

Mylan’s Office of Global Compliance (OGC) identifies business partner categories that may carry higher inherent risk. These partners, noted during the business contract drafting and approval process, are subject to a risk review depending on the aggregated risk factors assigned, as well as other Mylan Compliance standards. Those identified as having an elevated risk are subject to a due diligence process including investigation and clarification of discovered legal, civil and reputational allegations or convictions. If any concerns are discovered that cannot be adequately resolved, it’s our policy that the OGC recommends terminating the proposed business partnership.

In 2018, 96% of business partners who interact with government officials on Mylan’s behalf were trained on Mylan’s Anti-Corruption Policy and procedures.

Anti-corruption language, right-to-audit clauses and ethical expectations are included in Mylan contracts. Any potentially high-risk business partners undergo a due diligence review and annual monitoring.

Innovating for Access

R&D supports the expansion of our portfolio to treat non-communicable and communicable conditions.

Our R&D work, while rooted in the development of traditional generic alternatives, now also focuses on complex generics, complex injectables, biosimilars and device-related activity to further impact outreach, compliance and access.

Additionally, we understand the value of collaboration to increase access and often work with others in the industry to develop new chemical entities (NCE) and repurposed molecules.

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