ZLD Technology

To ensure our ZLD-equipped plants continue to operate effectively, we conducted independent, third-party assessments in 2018 of two of our ZLD facilities in India. Mylan maintains all applicable permits and authorizations for wastewater discharge with governing authorities and complies with all local discharge limits.

Further, we use tools from various nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), such as the World Resources Institute, to help perform water risk assessments. Withdrawal and discharge permits are maintained at all sites as required, and all operations sites are periodically audited to ensure compliance with local regulatory and internal standards.

To increase our transparency on this important issue, we submitted our first CDP Water Security response in 2018.

Risk and Impact Evaluation

Mylan conducts environmental risk evaluations of its products to assess a wide range of environmental risk factors. Mylan also assesses its manufacturing processes and wastewater treatment facilities to ensure that adequate systems and controls are maintained.

Risk Reduction and Control

Mylan minimizes discharges of active pharmaceutical ingredients from operations through enhancements in equipment, containment and cleaning processes. We continue to monitor potential emissions to the environment from our operations and implement appropriate controls if necessary.

Engagement and Policy

Mylan supports and works to promote scientifically-based efforts to address PiE through initiatives with regulators, stakeholders and industry to close gaps and share best practices. We actively engage in industry associations and working groups to advance policy and effective solutions on PiE.