Therapeutic Innovation

Therapeutic Innovation

Would it surprise you to know that we bring innovation to the field of generic medicine? Or that our research and development group includes approximately 3,000 scientists and regulatory experts who innovate worldwide every day?

It’s true. And it’s why we’ve challenged ourselves to reach higher and go farther for nearly 60 years.

The Science of Solutions

Today we design bioequivalent versions of brand-name medicines, many of which are difficult-to-manufacture and difficult-to-formulate.

We strive to create enhanced versions of medicines to differentiate our products from the pack. And we pursue innovations in oral solid dose medicines, transdermals, injectables, creams, ointments, antiretrovirals and nearly a dozen other critical areas.

Why? Because we believe every disease can have a treatment. We believe every epidemic should come to an end. Medical conditions great and small should be manageable.

Addressing Unmet Needs

Over the past few years, Mylan has organized its products and services into 10 major therapeutic areas, helping us better focus on patients' needs by providing prescription generic, branded generic and brand-name drugs and OTC remedies where they are needed most. This structure helps us look at healthcare holistically and challenges us to provide access throughout patients' lives.

We've also provided support to patient-advocacy organizations across these areas. In 2017 we helped organizations develop disease-related information that was shared across various platforms, including podcasts, webinars, radio programs, community events, regional summits, roundtables and national forums.

Always Moving Forward

Innovation is a part of who we are and the reason we see the opportunity in every challenge.

Research and development

Creating Positive Change

We’re committed to setting new standards in healthcare for people living with HIV/AIDS.