Unit Dose Packaging

Unit Dose and Specialty Packaging

Always safety-centric, Mylan takes great pride in our innovative unit dose and specialty packaging designed for patient safety. Defining and utilizing the latest in production technologies, our design specialists work closely with customers listening to their ideas, then sit down with internal manufacturing experts to turn those ideas into solutions. We’re able to respond quickly because we have the unique advantage of in-house tooling and printing so we can help customers identify new ways that help improve efficiency, avoid dosing errors and promote patient safety.

Mylan is also at the forefront of utilizing and supporting global standards of information protocol. Case in point, Mylan was one of the first to adopt GS1 bar codes, which provide a number of identifiers (NDC, lot number and expiration date) for bedside verification that aid healthcare professionals and administrators in providing optimal patient care. These identifiers are essential in providing pharmacists and healthcare professionals optimal patient care and positive outcomes. Mylan products are now in distinctive packaging and blue bottles so you know at a glance that the products within have been manufactured to the highest standards and incorporate the latest in packaging innovation and safety features.

Our product line features a range of unique packaging designs.
  • Single-Dose and Multi-Dose Vials

    Realizing the need for more than one dose configuration, Mylan utilizes single-dose and multi-dose vials in a broad range of therapeutic categories such as oncology, cardiovascular, anti-infectives and anesthesia/pain management to reach a wide range of patients. Whether you’re looking to ensure dosing precision, reduce waste or improve efficiency, our single-dose and multi-dose options are available to meet your needs. In fact, many of our products are preservative free and are not made with natural rubber latex.

    • Single-dose vial

    • Multi-dose vial
  • Ampules

    Mylan offers a line of ampules, most of which are used in Europe, to address the varying needs of different institutions.

    • Single-dose ampule
  • Prefilled Syringes

    With customer confidence paramount, our prefilled syringes are manufactured to exacting standards that are designed to benefit patient safety with accurate doses delivered in an efficient manner. Mylan has a large portfolio of injectables and is continuously meeting unmet needs by adding industry-first products, such as Octreotide Acetate in a prefilled syringe.

    • Features exact prefill amounts and single-dose use, eliminating the need to draw product into a separate syringe.
  • Ready-to-Administer Bags and Mini Bags

    Ready-to-administer bags and mini bags offer convenience, accuracy and efficiency all in one package. With a method of delivery that is premixed, easily identifiable and easy to access, patient safety is paramount. The fact that Mylan is the only one to offer multiple strengths of ready-to-administer bags of Levetiracetam in Sodium Chloride reflects our commitment to help satisfy the needs of healthcare providers and their patients. Click here for more information.

    • Ready-to-administer bags offer simple preparation and administration, clear identification and easy access.
  • Unit Dose

    Following the 1996 acquisition of UDL, Mylan became one of the nation’s largest suppliers of unit-dose pharmaceuticals. Mylan’s continual growth is grounded in our commitment to helping customers improve safety by allowing them to provide the right dose to the right patient at the right time. As an early adopter of GS1 bar codes, we’ve been providing healthcare professionals and administrators essential information for optimal patient care and positive outcomes for decades. Our unit-dose administration offers confidence and significant benefits to healthcare providers, including reduced professional handling, reduced chance of administration error and improved inventory control.

    • Unit Dose Carton and Blister Card

    • Unit dose blister card featuring both linear and composite bar codes for complete product information
  • Control-A-Dose® Packaging

    To ease the problems of dispensing controlled drugs, Mylan offers Control-A-Dose packaging with a reverse-numbered, or numbered (on the back), system to aid in monitoring inventory. Our 20-count cards make accountability of controlled drug dispensing easier to manage. The 5-card box allows the pharmacy department to stock more nursing stations from one unit carton.

    • Unit carton and blister card featuring the Control-A-Dose® reverse numbering system
  • Punch Card

    Mylan’s Punch Card product line offers a 30-count, ready-to-use package that’s finished in a standard size on a reclaimable heat-sealed card. It is bar coded at the dispensing card level, making it ideal for unit-dose administration in the long-term care setting. Each dose is individually bar coded, perforated and identified with the NDC number, product name, lot number and expiration date.

    Punch Card
    • Unit carton and blister card of 30

    Blister Card of 32
    • Reclaimable unit dose blister card of 30 featuring both linear and composite bar codes for complete product information
  • Patient Compliance Pack

    Designed to encourage patient compliance, each Compliance Pack contains a protective, child-resistant, senior-friendly, cardboard case that’s both recyclable and earth-friendly. To help promote compliance, there’s an easy-to-read label with daily dosages clearly marked and printed on a flat surface. Each pack also includes a refill reminder to help ensure patients always have their medication on hand when they need it.

    • Easy-to-use blister cards contain clearly marked, 30-day, individual dosages of prescribed medicines.
  • Robot-Rx® Ready

    Mylan's design is the industry standard for Robot-Rx®, the automated pharmacy dispensing station developed by McKesson Automation Inc. In a unit-dose environment, the bar codes allow Robot-Rx® to dispense, check, credit, restock and control inventory for more than 95% of current hospital formularies without significant changes in departmental operating procedures. Robot-Rx®, combined with Mylan’s Robot-Rx® Ready package, designed to help hospitals minimize medication errors and assist with technical, labor and inventory management costs.

    • Robot-Rx® Ready unit carton and blister pack

    • Robot-Rx®; Ready blister featuring Code 128: NDC number and expiration date

    *Registered trademark of McKesson Automation Inc
Bar code

Easy-to-read packaging with innovative tracking is critical in reducing administration errors. Relentless in the pursuit of ultimate patient safety, Mylan was one of the first to adopt the GS1 DataBar with Composite Bar Code. Developed by GS1 Healthcare US, the world leader in improving the efficiency and visibility of supply chain standards, GS1 DataBar with composite offers state-of-the-art bedside bar code verification and inventory control.

  • Composite bar code accurately identifies and tracks expiration date and lot number
  • Linear bar code with maximum information provides optimal control from delivery to dispensing
  • A unique and registered identification number assigned to healthcare products
  • Assigned numbers at all packaging levels
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Institutional Products

We are committed to offering a complete line of reliable, high quality products that are designed to help hospitals and other institutions reduce error, increase efficiency and improve care.

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UDL Laboratories

Mylan acquired UDL Laboratories in 1996. Today, we’re the premier supplier of unit dose multisource pharmaceuticals and burn and wound care products for hospitals, institutions, burn centers, retail and long-term care facilities.

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This easy-to-use guide—available as a smartphone app or by mail—offers healthcare professionals cross-referenced lists of brand name and generic medicines. Other features include color guides to Mylan’s Institutional, Pharmaceutical and Specialty portfolios.
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