Transdermal Patches

Transdermal Technology

Mylan strives to design, develop and manufacture high quality, innovative transdermal drug-delivery systems—adhesive patches that deliver medication through the skin. These medicines treat a variety of conditions across several therapeutic categories.

We were the first to receive approval for generic nitroglycerin, estradiol and fentanyl transdermal systems. We also produce transdermal clonidine and aided in the development of EMSAM® (selegiline transdermal system), which is manufactured by Mylan today.

In 2014 we launched XULANE® (Norelgestromin / Ethinyl Estradiol Transdermal System 150/35 mcg per day). With this launch we become the first company to release a generic version of Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s ORTHO EVRA® (Norelgestromin / Ethinyl Estradiol Transdermal System 150/35 mcg per day).

Also in 2014 we launched Estradiol Transdermal System, USP, (twice-weekly) in 0.1 mg/day, 0.075 mg/day, 0.05 mg/day, 0.0375 mg/day, 0.025 mg/day strengths. This product is the first bioequvalent (AB-rated) alternative to Novartis Pharmaceutical's Vivelle-Dot® to be approved.

As we bring new transdermal products to market in these and other categories, our expertise continues to focus on coating, die cutting, packaging, material selection and formulation.

Matrix Patch Technology

Matrix Transdermal Delivery Systems comprise a family of patch assemblies covered by U.S. and international patents. These products typically comprise three main components.

  1. Backing Film: Occlusive films of varied composition and/or thickness.
  2. Adhesive: An adhesive layer that incorporates the active ingredient; featuring silicone, acrylic and/or polyisobutylene adhesive formulations.
  3. Release Liner: Removable coated film or polymer based protective layer.

Components for medical applications

Mylan also produces components for skin contact applications such as wound care and ostomy products. Extruded films and adhesive laminates for use in third-party medical device and other applications are available.

While many options and additives exist for today’s skin contact medical devices, the core elements are backing films and pressure-sensitive adhesives. We offer standard components that incorporate these core elements in roll form, available in a wide range of roll widths and sheet thicknesses.


    These extruded and co-extruded films feature four standard film categories, each with distinct characteristics to meet the specific requirements of wound care and ostomy applications. Each are from 0.5 mil to 6 mils thick with widths up to 61 inches. Our innovative co-extrusion operation allows two different resins to be configured in A-B or A-B-A laminates along with a substrate, all in a single pass.

    MEDIFILM® 300

    Series-extruded from co-polyester resins, providing a wide range of moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTRs)

    MEDIFILM® 400

    Series-extruded polyurethane-based films available with a range of low to medium MVTR, as well as different levels of coefficient of friction

    MEDIFILM® 500

    Extruded ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) based films used as a rate-controlling membrane, or in applications that require lower moisture vapor transmission

    MEDIFILM® 810

    Extruded polyether block amide creating a high MVTR with a low coefficient of friction

    Mylan has combined standard-component materials—like our MEDIFILM® products—with release liners and adhesives to create a single-component adhesive laminate product. It provides the time and cost savings of standardized production while creating a wide variety of options usually found only in custom manufacturing. Available in roll widths up to 43 inches.

    MEDIDERM® 3000

    Self-wound transfer adhesive coated onto a paper silicone release liner

    MEDIDERM® Data Sheets

    MEDIDERM® 3200

    Adhesive-coated co-polyester film on paper silicone release liner

    MEDIDERM® 3505

    Adhesive-coated foam on polyester silicone release liner

    MEDIDERM® 3701

    Adhesive-coated polyurethane film on a silicone-coated paper release liner

    MEDIDERM® 4000

    Adhesive-coated polyurethane/polyester laminate on paper silicone release liner

Extruded films and adhesive laminates for use in third-party medical device and other applications are available

Let us help you create advanced, custom-designed products for medical device and wound care applications, including coating and laminating, film extrusion and co-extrusion, adhesive solvating and manufacturing. Give us your specifications, or tell us what you want the material to achieve. We’ll provide custom-manufactured rolled stock made to exact width, thickness, pigment and moisture vapor transfer rate (MVTR).

Knife-Over-Roll Coating

Knife-Over-Roll Coating

For versatile stripe coating and higher viscosities, knife-over-roll coating is preferred.

1. Coating Knife
2. Coating Liquid
3. Backing Roll

Reverse Roll Coating

Reverse Roll Coating

Best for coating a variable or uneven caliper substrate.

1. Flexible Doctor Blade
2. Metering Roll
3. Applicator Roll
4. End Dam
5. Drip Pan
6. Rubber Backing Roll

Gravure Coating

Gravure Coating

Excellent for controlling the coatings used most frequently in long production runs. Reverse direct gravure is the optimal technique for low coat weights and smooth coating finishes.

1. Doctor Blade
2. Rubber Backing Roll
3. Engraved Roll
4. Smoothing Roll

Mylan Technologies

Mylan Technologies, now a fully integrated part of Mylan, possesses expertise in transdermal drug-delivery systems and related technologies. Our innovative approach leads to the design and development of high quality transdermal products.

GBR® — Generic Brand Reference Guide

This easy-to-use guide—available as a smartphone app or by mail—offers healthcare professionals cross-referenced lists of brand name and generic medicines. Other features include color guides to Mylan’s Institutional, Pharmaceutical and Specialty portfolios.
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