Mylan's Commitment to Product Security

Mylan’s Commitment to Product Security

Mylan’s commitment to expanding access to high quality medicine includes protecting patients and our communities from the health and safety risks associated with counterfeit, diverted (re-sold outside of the legitimate pharmaceutical supply chain) and stolen drugs. Mylan has strong accountability and detection measures in place to help ensure our products only enter the marketplace through safe and secure distribution practices. Yet, there are many things you can look for to help these efforts.
Would you know what to look for to determine whether a product might be unsafe – or who to contact if you suspect something relating to a Mylan medicine doesn’t seem right? Products should always be purchased through authorized distributors or sellers only. Whether you see it yourself or hear about it from someone else, here are some signs of potentially unsafe medications:

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  • Packaging materials or labels have misspelled words or are missing information such as the batch/lot number, Rx symbol, expiration date or the strength of the medicine;
  • the label is crooked or has imperfections due to bubbling;
  • label includes a foreign language;
  • product components (leaflets, labeling, dosages, packaging materials, etc.) appear to be tampered with, are separated or missing, or do not correspond to the product;
  • the product storage requirement is inconsistent with the shipping method; and
  • shipping addresses, postmarks or other materials indicate the product came from an unexpected or unauthorized source.

We need your help! If you see something relating to Mylan medicines that doesn’t seem right, bring it to our attention immediately.