World Patient Safety Day: Solutions to Encourage Patient Adherence

September 17, 2020

At Mylan, we are committed to setting new standards in healthcare by working together around the world to provide 7 billion people access to quality medicine. Protecting patients and consumer health by helping to ensure the quality and safety of our products is at the heart of how we operate across our network. A part of that commitment includes coming up with innovative solutions to help people use medicines appropriately and adhere to prescriptions in order to improve the health, well-being and safety of patients around the world. For World Patient Safety Day, learn more below about the ways Mylan is working to make a difference:
  • We use our expertise in research and development to develop new dosage forms to support access to optimal treatment and help improve medicine adherence. Mylan supplies a broad portfolio of packaging configurations for various strengths and formulations, including pediatric formulations.
  • Mylan promotes the appropriate use of medicines and has several initiatives aimed at educating patients on medical conditions and ways to manage them. We support online portals, websites and mobile applications that offer features ranging from tracking symptoms to reminding patients about refilling prescriptions. In addition, some digital solutions provide real-time guidance for healthcare providers to help them understand a patient’s overall status.
  • Mylan supports individual dose dispensing across several European countries to help increase therapeutic adherence and reduce medication errors, which is particularly important for elderly patients taking multiple medications. Dose dispensing not only helps an individual patient use medication correctly, it also assists caretakers and healthcare professionals in managing medications more effectively.
  • In addition, Mylan continues to adapt its packaging to include symbols and pictograms that illustrate dosage schedules to make it easier for patients to take the right doses of medicines at the right time

Our pharmacovigilance program and Global Policies on Product Safety provide the framework to help ensure patients are using our medicine safely and appropriately. We conduct regular audits of our processes, address potential risks and conduct training that reinforces our commitment to product safety.

To learn more about Mylan and our focus on patient safety, see our 2019 Global Social Responsibility report.