World Environment Day 2019: Mylan Promotes Safe, Sustainable Operations Around the Globe

June 5, 2019

Responsible environmental stewardship and promoting safe, sustainable operations is a priority for Mylan, and our teams around the world are always looking for ways to be stewards of the environment. Those efforts include promoting air quality, which is the theme of this year’s World Environment Day.

The annual event is promoted by the United Nations to raise awareness of issues affecting the environment. As host of this year’s commemoration, China chose air pollution as the theme, and people all over the world are being encouraged to make strides to #BeatAirPollution.

Around the world, Mylan uses a variety of technologies to promote air quality, including high-efficiency dust collection, HEPA filtration, electrostatic precipitation, primary and secondary condensers, multi-stage filtration and recirculation systems, process scrubber technology and regenerative thermal oxidizers.

We continue to replace certain ozone-depleting substance refrigerants with other climate-friendly alternatives and we have upgraded our equipment at many facilities. For example,  at  our oral solid dose facility in Dublin, Ireland, Mylan replaced an older chiller with a unit that is more efficient and uses a refrigerant that is not an ozone-depleting substance.

On this World Environment Day, let’s take a look at some of the other ways that Mylan is also making a difference.

Conserving Water and Managing Wastewater

At Mylan, we work diligently to practice responsible water management and protect this precious resource. Wastewater from all of Mylan’s operations undergoes treatment prior to discharge to the environment, and in India, multiple sites apply zero liquid discharge technology that eliminates discharge. We are always looking for ways to leverage technology, including in 2018 when we partnered with a garment maker in India to supply them with clean water from two ZLD plants for use in their facility and processes. The result was a decrease in the amount of water the business required from the local municipality.

Reducing Waste

In all our operations, we are committed to reducing waste through responsible use of resources, increased recycling, reuse of materials and initiatives dedicated to waste minimization. Across our sites in 2018, we recycled, reused or repurposed 26% of total waste generated and 44% was sent to various energy recovery facilities. Ninety-five percent of our pharmaceutical waste is diverted from landfill to incineration or energy recovery facilities.

Mylan’s strong environmental principles also include minimizing pharmaceuticals in the environment, managing energy and greenhouse gas emissions responsibly and engaging with the CDP to promote sustainable manufacturing. To learn more, read our 2018 Global Social Responsibility Progress Report.