20 Years Later, Mylan's Hillarey Young Still Proudly Serves the U.S. Military

November 12, 2018

Each November, Veterans Day is celebrated in the U.S., taking the opportunity to recognize the men and women who served honorably in the military. Mylan is proud to have hundreds of employees around the world who served their respective nations. Today, we profile one of our own.

For many high school students, going to college after graduation is a common goal. The traditional thinking is that college is a time and place to develop an area of expertise, figure out a career path and prepare for it.

That was the plan for Hillarey Young, now a member of Mylan’s Global Integrated Services team based in Morgantown, West Virginia. But her journey to a successful career took a slightly different path.

After a year of school at West Virginia University with mounting financial costs looming, Young made a decision on a whim that would prove to be rewarding.

“One day I was driving to work, and knew I wasn’t going to be able to return for another semester of school,” says Young. “There used to be a military recruitment billboard in Westover (a Morgantown suburb) that read ‘Aim High.’ Something hit me when I drove by and saw it. I went straight to meet with an Air Force recruiter, and the next thing I know, I’m signed up for active duty.”

For the next four years, Young was stationed in Germany and served as a Postal Specialist at the Frankfurt Airmail Terminal. She performed many tasks, such as escorting high-value mail shipments or coordinating mail and cargo shipments to be deployed worldwide. Her service also included supporting operations in France and Saudi Arabia.

Determined to finish what she started, Young returned to Morgantown to finish her accounting degree at WVU. She also soon joined the West Virginia Air National Guard out of Charleston.

“After being out of the military for a few months, I missed it. So, I signed up for the Air National Guard, 130th Airlift Wing,” says Young. “It was a six-year commitment at the time, and now, here I am 16 years later still a part of it.”

Upon graduation, Young joined Mylan in its general accounting department and advanced in her career, assuming roles with increasing responsibilities. Today, she serves a subject matter expert for Accounts Receivable focusing on process improvements and/or enhancements for various groups and regions.

In addition, members of the 130th Airlift Wing can be called upon for duty at any time.

“I was activated in 2003 and sent back to Germany in support of Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, the War on Terrorism. I was there for almost a year,” shares Young.

Other noteworthy federal and state deployments for Young include supporting repair efforts with Hurricane Katrina, assisting with the clean up of the Elk River chemical spill in Charleston and working on restoration after recent flooding in Wheeling.

“The unit as a whole is always doing something. For example, when heavy snowfalls hit, we are the ones out there digging people out,” says Young, who was recently promoted to E-9 – the highest rank for enlisted personnel.

Young has a monthly requirement to attend a Friday-Saturday-Sunday training in Charleston. As a superintendent of a small air terminal, she leads a team of about 45 people in routinely preparing to deploy passengers and cargo when called upon. Much of their practice involves air drops of cargo from C-130 planes.

“I feel fortunate to have coworkers and managers who are very supportive of my military commitment,” adds Young

Mylan and the military share a common trait – the commitment to serve. Mylan is proud to support employees on active duty by providing and supplementing pay and benefits.

“I can’t say enough about Mylan's overall support of the military, including our time away from the job,” says Young. “Whether it’s financial support or the continuation of benefits for a spouse and children, it lessens the stress level at home.

“At the time, joining the Air Force was a short-term decision to just get me through. But today, that decision has proved to be so much more. And I thank Mylan for making it possible for me to continue to proudly serve our community, our state and our country.”