Toys for Children in Need: How Mylan’s Team in Turkey is Helping Women and Children

December 16, 2019

Sitting on a hill just miles from the Syrian border and above the Tigris River, the city of Mardin in southeastern Turkey is known for the impressive stone architecture that covers its rocky terrain. And now, a little piece of Mylan is a part of this ancient city, thanks to the generosity of our team in Turkey.

More than a dozen members of Mylan Turkey traveled in November to Mardin to help open a new toy library at the Cumhuriyet Neighborhood Women-Children Center. Mylan supported the project together with the Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work (KEDV) in order to create a much-needed resource for local children. The center works to help women by promoting literacy, teaching life skills, providing professional development opportunities and creating a safe, supportive space for them and their children. As part of its contact with local families, the center also works to support the right and ability of all children to go to school, something that is especially important in the region during harvest season when there is the risk of children skipping school to work in the fields. The center hosts spaces dedicated to children and their development.

“Many children in southeast Turkey don’t have any toys and can’t afford them and those are the children that we are trying to reach,” said Buket Meric, a director of Human Relations and Administration at Mylan Turkey. “Our Mylan team collected and donated most of the toys in the library, and we’re so proud of their efforts.” 

To prepare for the library’s opening, Mylan’s volunteers painted chairs, cleaned the space, took an inventory of all the toys, games and books, and held an opening ceremony. The team met the pre-school trainers who will work in the library and had the opportunity to see the excitement and happiness of local women and children who stopped by to see their progress.

“We were very happy to make something meaningful for these women and children, who are the greatest source of hope in our country and also the world. We hope that they will use this library in healthy, peaceful and cheerful days,” Meric said. She added that the event was especially meaningful to the team because it took place on the anniversary of the death of Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, who strongly believed in the importance of the development of women and children.

Lina Andersson, Mylan’s head of Global Social Responsibility, joined the Turkish team at the KEDV center and talked about what made the project so special.

“We know enough about the world to be conscious of how inequality persists and breaks down a society. We also know how the inclusion of women in social and economic development is essential for a community’s lasting progress and wellbeing,” Andersson said. “To experience first-hand some of the very important work done by KEDV for women and the children and to support the right for each child to experience joy and safety, was very humbling. Thank you to Mylan Turkey!”

The Mylan team has supported KEDV in the past. Last year, the Mylan Turkey Running Team participated in the Istanbul Marathon to raise money for the group, which has been working to empower women in the country for more than 30 years.

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