Safety First

May 5, 2017

Our people are Mylan’s most important asset, so their safety is a top priority. To increase the likelihood that no one ever gets hurt or ill on the job, we view safety as a shared responsibility between employees and the company.

As a part of their pledge to live our mission by making it personal, employees learn that safety starts with them. Employees know that they have the right and responsibility to participate in and benefit from training, and follow processes and procedures designed to protect them from harm. To this end, Mylan continues to advance its safety program and training. Process safety, which focuses on systems and controls designed to mitigate incidents or chemical releases to the environment, has been an area of emphasis.

Mylan’s program includes technical standards to establish global minimum requirements for a variety of workplace activities. Many of the standards exceed regulatory requirements. Periodic assessments are performed across our operations to track performance and compliance. They also aim to identify risks to employees, the environment and the company; foster continuous improvement; and promote knowledge transfer.

In 2016, Mylan’s DART rate was 0.37 globally. The industry’s average was 1.2. (DART is a term used by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It stands for Days Away, Restrictions or Transfers. A DART rate provides insight into an organization’s injury and illness incident rate. The lower the rate, the better.)

Five of Mylan’s active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing sites have been certified according to the internationally recognized standard, OHSAS 18001, for occupational health and safety management systems. Other Mylan sites are working to get certified.

Data in Mylan’s rate are for all company-owned facilities where operations occur. Information may be restated due to acquisitions, divestitures or the availability of additional data. Cases per 100 employees in operations and R&D.

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