Protecting the Environment

May 5, 2017

Mylan’s global Environmental, Health and Safety program guides our systematic efforts to do what’s right for the environment.

  • Seven Mylan sites in India and another five in Europe and the U.S. are certified in accordance with ISO 14001, with respect to protecting the environment. Other sites are working to reach the benchmark.

Water stewardship is a priority for Mylan as population growth, urbanization, industrial development and climate change, to name but a few factors, drive demand and water stress. For these reasons – and because water is important to our business – we continually look for ways to reduce water consumption and preserve or improve its quality.

  • 10 of our facilities in India have installed zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) technology, which saves millions of gallons of water and helps minimize our impact on the environment and nearby communities.

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Reliable energy supplies are vital to producing high quality products at the right time. While access to renewable energy varies greatly across our units, we are seeking ways to ensure reliable supplies and reduce environmental impact.

  • Seven Mylan manufacturing sites in India and one manufacturing site in Germany are certified in accordance with ISO 50001, for managing energy responsibly. Other sites globally are pursuing the certification.

As a part of our pledge to deliver better health for a better world, Mylan also continues its work for cleaner air. Our facilities are outfitted with different types of equipment designed to help keep the air clean, and we utilize new technology as it becomes available. Examples include:

  • Thermal-oxidization,
  • regenerative thermal-oxidization,
  • high-efficiency dust collection, HEPA filtration, and
  • multi-stage filtration and recirculation systems.

We soon will make available our 2015 and 2016 energy data on direct and indirect energy consumption as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, as well as water-consumption data for the same period.

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