Volunteers from Mylan India Help Clean and Restore Endangered Lake

August 5, 2019 

More than 100 enthusiastic volunteers from Mylan’s offices in Hyderabad partnered with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the United Way of Hyderabad to clean and restore the Ranganna Kunta Lake at Kondapur.

The lake is one of the most important sources of water in the area. It is also important to collect rain water and prevent urban flooding. However, growing urbanization and industrialization in Hyderabad in recent years have contributed to diminished water levels and pollution in the lake.

According to NITI Aayog’s 2018 Composite Water Management Index report, India is currently going through the worst water crisis in its history. It is estimated that 21 cities will run out of water by 2020, impacting around 100 million people.

“Environmental stewardship is a priority at Mylan and this initiative is one of the many ways through which the company is making efforts to effect positive change. Through collaboration, we have been able to clean and restore this lake at Kondapur,” said Rakesh Bamzai, Mylan’s President of India and Emerging Markets. 

Mylan team members came together at the site on July 12 to remove more than a quarter ton of litter and debris from a 3,000 square foot area of the lake bed.

Donning facemasks and gloves, groups of volunteers removed plastic waste and weeds while leaving important grasses and native plants intact. Volunteers also planted saplings to help restore the area and contribute to the long-term health of the lake.

Improving access to clean water is a focus for Mylan in India. Whether our teams are working to protect water resources and continuing to improve our water management practices and systems in our own operations, we continuously work to improve sanitation and access to clean water in India.

Learn more about our efforts in India by in our Global Social Responsibility 2018 Progress Report.