Investing in Indian Communities

May 15, 2017

India, which is home to nearly half of Mylan’s workforce, is an important focal point of our efforts to give back to the community. We fund our charitable efforts generously, with most investments concentrating on meeting unmet healthcare needs. Among our initiatives are disease-awareness and prevention programs and community infrastructure-building.

To help people living with HIV/AIDS, we have provided equipment and support to several hospitals and government institutes. In Maharashtra, for instance, we have provided health centers with CD4 testing machines and cooling chests used to store HIV test kits.

With respect to Hepatitis C, we aim to reduce the disease’s prevalence in rural areas through mass-awareness campaigns and by providing access to early detection and treatment. In partnership with various non-governmental organizations, our campaign in 2016 touched seven states and 47 districts. Specifically, we provided free screening to more than 40,000 people, 2,500 of whom tested positive for the disease. Those individuals were provided additional testing, individual and family counselling, and referrals for treatment.

We focus our infrastructure projects on communities located near our production facilities. Last year in Nashik, we developed a science laboratory for students and donated an ambulance to the local Industrial Fire Safety Association. In Jigani, we donated medical equipment to the primary health center there. In Hosur, we developed infrastructure for schools that serve approximately 250 children.

In addition, we funded the construction in 2016 of six reverse-osmosis water-treatment plants in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana.

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