A Summer Well Spent: Mylan’s 2019 North America Interns

August 16, 2019

By Davianne Croasmun, Global Communications intern

Over the last several months, 141 students had the opportunity to work as interns at six different Mylan locations in North America. From the moment we arrived on our first day, we were fully embraced as part of the Mylan family. Our managers saw each of us as individual assets that could be utilized throughout the summer for our fresh perspectives and skills.

As emerging members of the workforce, networking connections are especially vital. We were highly encouraged to take a few minutes and chat with team members from other parts of the company. In doing so, we gained a better insight of the pharmaceutical industry and the paths that led our colleagues to their present roles. Whether they are a part of your department or work at another location, everyone has an open door and an ear to listen.

At first, planning individual meetings with seasoned professionals was a little intimidating, but pushing past that trepidation allowed each of us to build relationships with a variety of people while establishing ourselves as members of the Mylan family. Those around us eagerly answered our questions and valued our willingness to learn. Our curiosity was not only accepted, but strongly encouraged. Getting to know colleagues and stepping out of our comfort zones enhanced our overall experience.

The work ethic demonstrated by our coworkers set the precedent early that we were expected to be active contributors. Since we were viewed as equal members of the team, our tasks had a true purpose and were necessary to the function of our departments. As the Global Communications intern, I helped cover a speaking engagement with a patient advocate. On the Global Brand team, intern Madelynne Andrews compiled lists of information to be incorporated into the team’s social listening tool. Emily Goodwin analyzed and implemented new strategies at the call center at Mylan Morgantown. And Conner Watts developed a guide to aid new hires in inside sales through the onboarding process.

Our projects contributed, even if in a small way, to Mylan’s overall mission – providing access to medicine to the world's 7 billion people. We can leave our internships knowing we contributed to Mylan’s impact on global health, and that is worth its weight in gold.

One of the most memorable days from the summer was our Community Service Day, where we got to see Mylan’s commitment to Global Social Responsibility firsthand while volunteering at the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

Many interns pursued an opportunity at Mylan because of the corporate culture within the company. In speaking with numerous interns about their overall thoughts on the program, a similar theme presented itself in every conversation: invaluable. The daily hands-on experience was educational, but to learn and grow as young professionals through Mylan’s unique culture made the internship incomparable. We are so grateful for the countless opportunities we have been granted throughout the last 12 weeks.

Some interns will continue to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry at the end of the summer while others may take a different path. Whatever the case may be, the influence from our time at Mylan will remain with us wherever we go.