Conserving Rainwater in India, One Tree at a Time

October 1, 2019

Taking care of the environment is one way that Mylan’s teams around the world work to create better health for a better world. In Hosur, India, that means picking up shovels and planting trees to help contribute to a brighter future.

Mylan’s team from the Injectables Complex 3 in Hosur, India, organized a tree planting campaign to help reforestation and rainwater conservation efforts in an area that has been plagued by drought.

For the third year in a row, the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu and its capital Chennai are in the midst of a serious drought that has reservoirs running dry and residents unable to access the water they need. As a result, the Indian government earlier this year launched the Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA) to encourage industry, private companies and citizens to make a difference by promoting water conservation, watershed development and tree planting, among other things.

JSA was launched in 255 districts across India, where the drought problem is widespread. According to a study by the federal government think tank NITI Aayog, 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater by next year, including the capital New Delhi and the information technology hub of Bengaluru. Two hundred thousand Indians already die every year because they don’t have a safe water supply, and as many as 600 million people face “high to extreme” water stress, the report said.

JSA encourages five targeted interventions: rainwater harvesting; renovation of existing lakes and reservoirs; reuse of water and recharging of structures; watershed development; and intensive afforestation.

Hosur, one of the cities listed by India as water stressed, is an industrial city in Tamil Nadu. Inspired by the JSA, Mylan’s team there planted 100 saplings at a nearby cattle farm. The area’s District Collector, Dr. S. Prbhakar, said the efforts of Mylan and other companies that planted trees is a boon for the area and helps to restore its climate from the 1980s, when the region was known as “Little England” for its similarities in weather and appearance to the European country.

This is the third time Mylan’s Injectable team in Hosur planted trees. In March, the group provided 1,000 saplings for planting to the inhabitants of Shoolagiri Panchayat union. And on World Environment Day in June, the team planted 250 trees at a school in Mornapalli village.

Global social responsibility is intrinsically woven within Mylan’s commitment to achieve our mission and deliver better health for a better world. It is what drives our enduring passion to improve access and serve unmet needs across all geographies, while respecting the environment and positively impacting our stakeholders.

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