Helping Breast Cancer Patients in France Take Ownership of Their Health

October 11, 2019

Promoting better health for a better world means working to ensure that patients have information they need to take ownership of their health.

In France, Mylan is helping breast cancer patients by offering a logbook that helps them at every stage of their journey. The 24-page booklet includes information about what to expect during treatment and beyond, as well as a place to write down their thoughts and feelings, keep track of appointments and practice self-care. In addition, patients will find:

  • information about the role of each of the medical professionals on a patient’s medical team, the value of supportive care and associations in France from which to find reliable information and obtain support;
  • answers to frequently asked questions by breast cancer patients, including everything from how to tell loved one’s about the diagnosis to when to seek a second opinion; and
  • tips and practical information about living with cancer and side effects of treatment.
  • Techniques to help ease your mind and relax, including meditation and art therapy.

Eighty thousand copies of the book will be available for distribution at hospitals, in retail establishments and through healthcare professionals and patient associations.

In addition to the book, Mylan has partnered with several patient associations to create a poster listing the associations and their missions. These posters will be displayed in healthcare offices and waiting rooms so that breast cancer patients can learn about the different support available and seek out a group that meets their individual needs.

Putting Patients First

Mylan has one of the broadest and most diverse medicine portfolios, including treatment options for breast cancer. Our goal is to promote better health for a better world so that all patients around the globe have access to the medicine they need.

We’re proud of Mylan’s efforts to help women in France as they navigate their healthcare journey. Through efforts like these and others around the world, Mylan is helping promote better health for women everywhere.