Breaking Down Barriers to Access in Partnership with the Dispensary of Hope

February 6, 2020

Mylan was founded nearly 60 years ago with a vision to provide access to medicine to the people of rural West Virginia and surrounding areas. Today, Mylan continues to execute on the same principle – just now on a global scale.

Breaking down barriers to access to medicine comes in many forms, including product donation. Mylan has once again been recognized as a trusted charitable partner by the Dispensary of Hope for our combined efforts to improve access to needed medicine.

The Dispensary of Hope, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, collects and distributes pharmaceuticals for pharmacies and safety-net clinics, which then dispense the medications to low-income and uninsured patients. Mylan has partnered with the group since 2012.

"Our work at Dispensary of Hope is to deliver hope to people, to save and transform lives by offering access to the medicine they need. Mylan's commitment to this work is tremendous in both tenure and volume donated,” said Dispensary of Hope CEO Chris Palombo. “Our network of sites dispenses over 3,000 prescriptions per day to patients in need in America, and we could not have accomplished that milestone without the generosity of Mylan Pharmaceuticals."  

Recently, the work the Dispensary of Hope does was on display in Texas at the San Jose Clinic, which celebrated its 5-year partnership with the group. Mylan was honored to be on hand to celebrate that partnership as well as to hear how our donations are making a difference. In fact, many of Mylan’s distinctive blue bottles line the pharmacy shelves at the clinic.

“We are proud of our many years of partnership with the Dispensary of Hope,” said Jamie Matthews, who heads site operations at Mylan’s Sugar Land, Texas, manufacturing facility. “We appreciate the relationship and advocacy which enables us to expand access to medicine for people in need around the country and right here in our local communities.”

Visit the Dispensary of Hope website for more information.