Providing Access to Patients in Need With the Dispensary of Hope

Mylan’s Charitable Product Donations Provided Low-Income Patients in America More Than 102,000 Doses Every Day in the Last 18 Months

August 20, 2019

For the eighth year in a row, the Dispensary of Hope has honored Mylan with a Distinguished Partner Award, marking another successful year between the two closely aligned organizations.

The U.S-based Dispensary of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing pharmacies and charitable clinics with donated medicines for patients who can’t afford them. Mylan has had a unique relationship with the group since we became the first generic manufacturer to donate medicines to them in 2012. That donation, coupled with their participation in the U.S. generics industry group known as the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), which Mylan endorsed, helped lead to 13 other AAM member companies donating as well.

Dispensary of Hope Chief Supply Chain Officer, Scott Cornwell, visited Mylan’s global center in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, recently to present Mylan with the award. In all, Mylan has donated 172 million doses of medicine to the Dispensary of Hope since the partnership began. The medicines span a variety of therapeutic areas, from cardiovascular and dermatology products to gastrointestinal and respiratory medicines.

“Mylan’s donations have helped patients in more than 33 states plus the District of Columbia,” Cornwell said. “In fact, over the last 18 months alone, the company’s donations have equated to more than 102,000 doses distributed every day to support America’s low income, uninsured population.”

Jeff May, Mylan’s head of Market Access and Managed Markets and a member of the Dispensary of Hope Advisory Board, accepted the award along with Chief Commercial Officer Tony Mauro.

“The Dispensary of Hope was started from a simple yet powerful idea: Let’s use pharmaceuticals that would otherwise be destroyed as the products approach the expiration dating and make them available to those that are low income, uninsured or under insured,” May said. “I am so proud to be part of a company that provides so much needed medicine to those who otherwise would not have access. We are truly doing good and doing well as part of our commitment to global social responsibility.”

May said Mylan’s partnership with the Dispensary of Hope has touched roles all across the company and reflects the hard work and passion from our teams, who strive every day to make a difference for patients.

Global Head of Policy Marcie McClintic Coates said partnering with the Dispensary was a natural fit, since both Mylan and the Nashville-based group share the same important mission. In 2016, Coates was honored to speak at the dedication of the Dispensary’s new warehouse and proudly saw firsthand the shelves full of Mylan’s blue bottles. 

“The work we do every day is about bringing affordable and accessible medicine into the hands of those who need it, which is exactly what the Dispensary of Hope does,” Coates said. “By working together, we are truly making a difference for patients around the country.”

Learn more about the how Mylan is partnering with the Dispensary of Hope to make an impact in communities around the U.S., visit Learn more about the Dispensary of Hope here.