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A Champion for Better Health

Ever since our founding more than 55 years ago, Mylan has championed patient access to high quality medicine. Today we aspire to touch the lives of 7 billion people by delivering better health for a better world. We believe access to healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. That makes our mission very personal. While a great deal of progress has been made over the years to expand access to healthcare, there’s still much to be done. With our strong foundation in pharmaceuticals and long track record of doing good, Mylan is uniquely positioned to address the world’s most pressing health concerns. And because we are committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible manner, Mylan is a signatory to the U.N. Global Compact.

Mylan undertakes no obligation to update any statements herein for revisions or changes after the date of this publication (May 22, 2017).

A Message from Heather Bresch, Mylan's CEO

At Mylan, changing the world for the better is in our DNA, and it’s why we view what we do as a cause and not just as a business.

Ever since our founding more than 55 years ago, we have been championing people’s access to high quality medicine. As our footprint and capabilities have grown, so have our opportunities and responsibilities. Today we aspire to touch the lives of 7 billion people by delivering better health for a better world. To help us reach this goal, we have been building upon our strong foundation in pharmaceuticals and transforming into a healthcare company...

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Shaping Policy to Expand Access

In our experience, one of the most powerful ways to be a champion for people in need is by speaking out on their behalf. Within the pharmaceutical and healthcare space, this generally means advocating for patient access and innovating to provide more-affordable, high quality medicines. Through our policy work, we stand up for the right of people everywhere to enjoy better health. Informing our work is our belief in the importance of cooperating in good faith with everyone who has a stake in a particular issue, including patients, healthcare providers, governments, trade associations, other companies, workers and investors. So to every conversation we bring an open mind, deep experience and the resolve to do what’s right, not what’s easy – no matter how long it takes.

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Integrity and Business Ethics

Mylan Packaging

"Do what’s right, not what’s easy” was the philosophy of Milan “Mike” Puskar, one of Mylan’s co-founders. Whether staring down corruption externally or reinforcing the importance of quality internally, his unwavering stance helped distinguish Mylan early on as a company people could trust. His legacy lives on today in how we govern and conduct our business around the world. We have a strong companywide governance program that we reinforce daily through policies and procedures, internal controls and training programs. Mylan’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Anti-Corruption policy and Supplier Code of Conduct are examples of key steering documents.

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Ensuring Quality

A strong commitment to quality is one of Mylan’s most enduring traits. We view quality as being every employee’s responsibility, regardless of role, location or tenure. This mindset helped fuel our development of what is an integrated global network, capable of providing pharmaceuticals that patients across the world can trust. As a part of how we operate, we observe a variety of industry standards such as current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), good clinical practices (GCP) and good laboratory practices (GLP). As an industry leader, we were a key advocate for landmark legislation designed to make sure that all pharmaceutical facilities, regardless of location, are held to the same quality standard, strengthening the global drug supply chain.

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Serving Our Customers

Each participant in the healthcare industry has a role to play in helping to ensure that patients get high quality, comprehensive healthcare through their lives. For its part, Mylan has focused on becoming our customers’ partner of choice – by delivering ONE Mylan across geographies, channels and product types. We serve retailers, pharmacies, wholesalers, pharmacy benefit managers, insurers, governments, institutions such as hospitals, and physicians. Our approach to serving each incorporates our commitment to helping to put patients at the center of healthcare.

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Serving Patients

Because we believe that access to healthcare should be a right, not a privilege, patients are at the heart of everything we do. With each one in mind, we continually innovate to make our high quality medicines more accessible. Great examples are novel drug formations that can be administered to infants, mobile apps to help doctors choose the correct medicines and free epinephrine auto-injectors for schools. We work just as hard to protect patients by securing our supply chain. Our global serialization program, whose implementation is in progress, employs safety features such as unique tracking numbers and anti-tampering packaging. We also partner with other organizations to fight counterfeit medicines. Such innovations help get medicines to where they’re needed. Indeed, approximately half of all people being treated for HIV/AIDS in developing countries today rely on a Mylan antiretroviral product.

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Serving Our People

People are Mylan’s most valuable asset. Our workforce of more than 35,000 spans nearly 70 countries. Everyone who works here is considered a leader, and they take our cause personally. As such, they are accountable not only for what they accomplish, but how they accomplish it. To this end, we help employees take charge of their careers and reward them for doing their very best. We also offer a robust global internship and apprentice program to groom the industry’s next generation of leaders. In fact, 46% of our employees belong to the millennial generation. Their perspectives, combined with those of longer-tenured employees, are a great source of diversity and strength. As a healthcare company, we also are committed to helping our employees live healthier lives.

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Environment, Health and Safety

Our focus on delivering better health for a better world includes a commitment to the environment and workplace safety. In this regard, we set high standards for ourselves and our partners. Through our global environmental, health and safety (EHS) program, we work to continually enhance how we operate. We continue to invest in technologies designed to reduce our impact on the air and water. In some locations, for instance, we have zero-liquid-discharge wastewater treatment systems. And because workplace safety is essential, it’s a priority throughout Mylan, as evidenced by one of our key injury and illness incident rates. In 2016 it was 69% lower than the industry average.

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Serving Our Communities

As we’ve grown, so has our community. Today Mylan touches lives in more than 165 countries and territories. And while our greatest contributions stem from our core business of providing people access to high quality medicine, finding other ways to give back and strengthen local communities also is important. India, being a significant operations base and home to nearly half of our workforce, is a focal point of our efforts to give back to the community. Throughout the country, we focus on meeting unmet healthcare needs through initiatives such as disease-awareness and prevention programs and infrastructure-building. In other markets around the world, we make communities stronger by donating products, supporting disaster-relief efforts and providing financial assistance.

We proudly support a wide range of clinical, therapeutic and educational initiatives. Apply here for Grants or Donations.

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Serving Our Shareholders

As a publicly held company, we recognize shareholders as an important stakeholder in Mylan’s success. We believe that by doing good, we will do well – that is, deliver value for them. Over the last several years, we have built a highly differentiated company by staying true to our proven standalone strategy. It emphasizes organic growth augmented by acquisitions that enhance our ability to deliver on our mission and position us for sustainable, profitable expansion long into the future. Our consistent execution and strong performance has put Mylan on track to deliver compounded annual growth of 22% in adjusted diluted earnings per share between 2008 and our 2018 target*. We also will have done so while generating strong cash flows; maintaining a high quality, investment grade balance sheet; and investing billions of dollars back into our company to fuel long-term growth.

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* Adjusted diluted earnings per share is a non-GAAP financial measure. Please see the Global Social Responsibility at Mylan report, available here, for reconciliations of such non-GAAP financial measure to the most directly comparable U.S. GAAP financial measure.

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