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It’s never too early to begin shaping your career. And a smart place to start is the Mylan internship program. Our paid, 12-week summer internship program is a great way to see what it’s like to set new standards in healthcare. In Mylan locations, you’ll work side-by-side with talented mentors on meaningful projects. Best of all, along the way you’ll develop a valuable professional and social network. Undergraduates, graduates and Master’s degree students are welcome to apply!

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Life at Mylan. Hear from our students.

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    Regulatory Affairs/Labeling

    "This is an incredible experience where you have the opportunity to be yourself, make lasting connections and write your own story."
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    Global Communications

    "Mylan is a great place to challenge yourself. You might be working on a project that you really aren't sure about and that is OK because you'll connect with people who will help you."
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    Information Technology

    "The internship program at Mylan is very well structured. We are given projects that have the potential to make a significant impact on the company."
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    Human Resources

    "This internship gave me an experience that will prove valuable moving forward. It exposed me to many aspects of the business. Mylan interns didn’t just come in, stuff envelopes and leave at the end of the day. The work we did mattered."
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    Strategic Sourcing

    "I've learned the importance of being able to quickly adapt to the work environment, identify key issues, communicate clearly and develop business strategies."
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    Global Business Services

    "I always thought that I could do any type of work as long as it helped me maintain the lifestyle I wanted outside of work. After being with Mylan, I realized that I need purpose when it comes to my career."
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    Global Supply Chain Management and Operations Support

    "I chose to pursue my MBA out of a desire to impact others. Mylan is unique in that the culture is very innovative and open, while also providing life-saving products to the end customer."

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    Information Technology

    "Mylan was a perfect fit to see firsthand how a large, global healthcare company operates. As an intern, you will be part of projects and treated like any other full-time employee."
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    Strategy Office

    "I really wanted an opportunity to integrate my background in healthcare with my business acumen. The Strategy office at Mylan was the perfect place to hone my skills and contribute."
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I apply for a Mylan role?
    • Choose the location where you want to work from the location menu. You may see a link for submitting a resume to the location’s talent acquisition department. Be sure to include a description of the role that interests you. If your qualifications match an open role, a recruiter will contact you. In some cases, you may be directed to search for specific jobs in your location. Just follow the instructions to apply.
    • How can I confirm that my resume was received?
    • You'll receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application, or a recruiter will contact you if there is a role matching your experience.
    • How often are roles updated on the Mylan website?
    • Open roles are often updated daily. So be sure to check the Mylan website regularly for new opportunities.
    • How do I apply if I have a disability?
    • Mylan provides equal opportunity in job application processes and takes affirmative action to employ individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. If you have difficulty using our online application due to a disability, contact our Human Relations Service Center by email or by calling 877.MYLANHR (877.695.2647). This phone number is only for inquiries regarding the Mylan application process. Our service center employees do not have access to application information and can’t provide updates on the status of individual applications.
    • Can I email my resume without applying for a specific role?
    • Mylan recruiters will not accept unsolicited resumes. If you’re interested in a role in North America or India, create a general profile on our Careers website by selecting the Candidate Profile link.
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