Sharing Mylan’s Impact on U.S. Healthcare at the 2017 DGA Policy Conference

Posted: August 7, 2017

I appreciated the opportunity to attend the Democratic Governors Association 2017 Summer Policy Conference in Aspen over the weekend, where I shared Mylan’s great story with governors, their staff and fellow attendees. I emphasized the scale of our impact on U.S. healthcare – over the past decade Mylan has contributed to more than $180 billion in healthcare savings as a leading manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals. As state budgets continue to face cuts, just as patients are bearing a greater share of out of pocket costs for their medicines, generics have never been more important. Mylan is proud to supply nearly 10% of the volume of all generic medicines taken in the U.S. We look forward to doing our part to continue ensuring access to high quality, more affordable medicines as Mylan prepares to launch a number of important first generic, complex and biosimilar products in the U.S. I also shared my perspective on the pharmaceutical industry’s collective opportunity at the national and state levels to work together with Democrats and Republicans to ensure patients across America receive the full benefit of their insurance plans at the pharmacy counter. I believe Americans are the best shoppers in the world – they demand high quality for a fair price – and they should be able to shop for their healthcare with more transparency than they currently can in today’s system. This issue is about America’s patients and I look forward to working with policy makers on both sides of the aisle regarding these important issues.

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