Packaging and Delivery Systems

To help improve patient care, Mylan’s innovation and trusted portfolio deliver the quality and reliability you need. Mylan offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art packaging and delivery systems across all practice settings. Mylan’s dedication to providing the right dose to the right patient at the right time can be seen in these offerings, which are designed to increase efficiency, effectiveness and enable the focus to be where it matters most: patient care.



Mylan Packaging

Because of our adaptability, Mylan is able to meet the changing needs of our customers and their patients. Our robust injectables portfolio covers a broad range of therapeutic categories including oncology, cardiovascular, anti-infectives and anesthesia/pain management.

Mylan’s manufacturing expertise allows us to offer difficult-to-manufacture and difficult-to-formulate injectables in multiple strengths, sizes and forms. Our products—everything from vials to ampules and pre-filled syringes to ready-to-administer bags—are intended to help you enhance efficiency, promote safety and improve the satisfaction for you and your patients, no matter where they are on the continuum of care.

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Unit of Use

Unit of Use

Unit Dose Packaging

As a leading supplier of unit-of-use packaging, Mylan understands the demands of today’s institutional environments. Because of our commitment to safety, we’ve developed unit-of-use packaging innovations and high quality bar codes that have been designed to increase efficiency and help improve patient care at thousands of institutions nationwide.

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Creams, Ointments, Sprays and Dressings

Creams, Ointments, Sprays and Dressings

Mylan Injectables

Mylan offers a versatile spectrum of creams, ointments, sprays and dressings. Devoted to providing just the right dosage form to expedite the healing process, our trusted portfolio includes the latest advancements in medicine applied to a variety of delivery methods.

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Unit Dose Packaging Header

As one of North America’s largest producers of transdermal drug-delivery systems (TDDS)—adhesive patches that deliver medication through the skin—we’re experts in coating, material selection and formulation.

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Institutional Products

We are committed to offering a complete line of reliable, high quality products that are designed to help hospitals and other institutions reduce error, increase efficiency and improve care.

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GBR®  — Generic Brand Reference Guide

This easy-to-use guide—available as a smartphone app or by mail—offers health care professionals cross-referenced lists of brand name and generic medicines. Other features include color guides to Mylan’s Institutional, Pharmaceutical and Specialty portfolios.

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