Recognizing Mylan Quality

Blue Bottle
In 2011, Mylan introduced a blue bottle that answered a need among pharmacists and patients for clearly recognizable products and labels. Today, the Mylan blue bottle is used across multiple therapeutic areas and available to all pharmacies in the United States. We have over 291 products in the Mylan pharmaceuticals portfolio, representing approximately 1,000 NDCs, shipped in the blue bottle to pharmacies across the country. But, what makes our blue bottle so unique?

The Distinctive Color Of Mylan

In a sea of prescription bottles, we feel color matters. That’s why our bottle is blue—to make any Mylan product easily recognizable on the shelf. The bottle is also recyclable, helping us take every step we can to protect the environment.

A Simple And Powerful Solution

Our label was designed to display important information clearly and prominently to help pharmacists and patients easily identify the medication inside.

A Commitment To High Standards Inside And Out

We believe every person should receive high quality and reliable medications. Mylan is committed to setting new standards in health care. We’re doing that by making sure all of Mylan’s 1,300+ medications we distribute meet one global quality standard and are in full compliance with all FDA-mandated good manufacturing practice regulations.