Better Employee Health

Better Employee Health

We know that investing in diversity and truly seeing others’ perspectives make our business stronger and more resilient. That is why we are committed to continuing our efforts to cultivate a diverse, inclusive workforce that reflects and understands the communities we serve. We educate employees on our equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination policies as part of our mandatory annual Code of Business Conduct and Ethics training. In the U.S. we apply affirmative action plans focused on equal employment opportunity for applicants and employees. These plans are endorsed each year by the head of Human Relations.

Women at Mylan

Recognizing Freedom of Association

Mylan strives to create a positive, productive work environment and recognizes and respects employees’ right to representation and collective bargaining. We have a significant number of employees in manufacturing, commercial and corporate functions around the world who are represented and covered by collective agreements. We engage with employee representatives globally and strive to maintain productive relationships with them and all employees.

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