Better Community Health

Better Community Health


With approximately half of our workforce in India, Mylan provides a wide range of support in the areas of healthcare, education, community welfare and the environment. In India, we are proud to honor the India Companies Act. It mandates that companies spend 2% of their average net profits on corporate social responsibility initiatives. Since 2014 Mylan has invested nearly $4 million in such initiatives.

India and Rest of World


Hepatitis C

(HCV) impacts more than 12 million people in India. In response, Mylan designed an intervention plan for HCV that aligns to the WHO’s recommendations. It focuses on awareness building, education, initial screening and counseling to support global goals related to reducing and eliminating hepatitis.


Mylan strives to support schools, particularly for underprivileged children, by helping address shortcomings in infrastructure, such as classrooms, furniture, toilets and potable water. In 2017 we helped more than 12,000 students.

Community Welfare and the Environment

Mylan addressed access to clean drinking water, sanitation and waste management; helped clean two major bodies of water in Andhra Pradesh; and planted 22,000 trees.

Additional Rest of World Highlights

  • In Australia, Mylan donated medicine to the Philippine Australian Medical Association, the AusViet Charity Foundation, Cambodia Vision and Caritas PNG (Papua New Guinea) and a portable hospital organized by Youth with a Mission. We supplied the generic version of PrEP for government trials, providing access for patients at high risk of acquiring HIV. About 13,000 people are currently enrolled in various trials in Australia.
  • Mylan supported South Africa’s Project Impilo Adopt-A-School program by providing daily meal packs for children diagnosed with HIV. We also funded renovation of the country’s Masikhule Creche and Child Care Education facility to add bathrooms and a childcare center with age-appropriate toys and education curricula.
  • Mylan partnered with local football academies in Thailand’s Nakornprathom and Saraburi provinces to renovate training fields and repair equipment used by more than 300 children.